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PJ Bovee
San Diego, CA
March, 2016

PJ Bovee, author of Guitar Chord Kick-Start

Have you been trying to learn guitar chords on your own?

I did, too. I always loved music, but the guitar was daunting. And frustrating. And weird!

How many fingers do I need to use and where do I put them?

Which way is up and which way is down?

I wanted to play, and I wanted to play NOW.

I remember the week I got my first guitar … there was a party coming up and I wanted to impress my crush. She even found out that I got a guitar and a buddy told me she wanted to hear me play.

But I knew NOTHING. I didn’t even know one chord, let alone know how to play a song.

So I bombed. My crush was disappointed and never spoke to me again.

I was devastated and heartbroken, as any young guy would be, but those feelings actually inspired me to practice and practice and practice so I would never have to experience that again.  From there, I took the long route to learning guitar chords and, of course, how to play guitar

After years and years of practice, I achieved my lifelong goal of being a professional musician, but I always felt … I always knew that, somehow, I could have done it sooner if I had just done it differently.

But how?

Then one day, in the middle of teaching a lesson, it all clicked!

After years of practicing;

After years of playing in jazz groups, rock groups, chamber groups;

After years of playing on countless recordings;

After years of playing some of the biggest musicals from Southern California to New York City (even with a few Tony Award winners), I discovered the secret to really kick-starting anyone’s guitar playing.

A couple days after I had this revelation, a new student came into my studio and shared a story. His story sounded eerily familiar…

“There’s this girl in my class that I really like. I want to play her favorite Beatles song at the talent show next month, but I just got my guitar a couple weeks ago…”

I knew right then and there what would happen if I didn’t help this kid out.

I also knew exactly how to help him.

I had discovered gold and I wasn’t going to let what happened to me happen to this kid!


What does that mean for you?


If you want to learn all of the fundamental chords on the guitar, have some tricks for remembering them, and be able to play all of your favorite songs (plus — literally — countless others), then this may be the most important message you will ever read on your guitar playing journey.


Here’s why:


I have just created a new eBook called Guitar Chord Kick-Start — a method for learning all of the fundamental guitar chords in as little as 7 days.

Guitar Chord Kick-Start

You see, I’ve been a professional musician for many years. I’ve come a long way from sitting in my room and trying to figure out that C Minor chord (don’t worry, you’ll learn it, too, and faster than you think!).


Here’s what you’ll learn in Guitar Chord Kick-Start.


Guitar Chord Kick-StartChord Diagram Jump Starter

We’ll start with the basics of reading a chord diagram. Once you’ve got the hang of this simple, visual learning tool, you’ll be able to learn any chord and play any song. Seriously!

What does that mean? It means that you can jam with your friends, play around the campfire, and impress anybody who’s near you — especially that special someone you’ve been wanting to ask out on a date. Any time you pick up your guitar, people will think you’ve been playing for a lifetime!

Just think of it. All that, just because you learned how to read a chord diagram.


Guitar Chord Kick-Start

Rock Star Hands and Open Chord Jams

By learning the right technique, you’ll be making music in no time. Before you know it, you’ll look and sound like a real pro. People will dig having you around because you bring the fun and good times. You won’t just be the life of the party. You’ll BE the party!

We’ll start with a few open chords that you can use to start jamming immediately. With these chords, you’ll be able to play along with your favorite songs, show off to your buddies, and play for the next campfire or holiday sing-along. Imagine — everybody clapping and dancing along to YOUR music.

By the end of the book, you’ll be able to play THOUSANDS of songs, entertaining everyone around you. You’ll be the star of the show.

Can you see it? A crowd of people cheering your name…


Guitar Chord Kick-Start

Barre Chord Baby Steps … and Then Some

Building off the open chords, we’ll start exploring Barre Chords so you can play almost any song in any key. What’s a Barre Chord? It’s easy for anyone who has a thumb and forefinger! I’ll show you how. With these chords, you’ll be able to jam with anyone!

Other musicians will call on you the most because you’ll be able to play in any key, and they’ll know they can count on you to sound amazing. Other guitarists will look up to you, because when you jam together, you won’t just be copying everything they’re doing — you can play a different part of the guitar, and together you’ll have a killer sound!


Guitar Chord Kick-Start

Chord Bank Memory Hacker

Just by using the very system I’m offering you today, you’ll discover tricks to lock in all of the chords to your memory so when you pick up the guitar, you’ll not only remember where to put your fingers, you’ll never get lost in a song.

With these tricks, you won’t have to skip a chord while playing a song, so you’ll never look silly in front of people and everyone will be wowed by your natural guitar-playing ability.

Remember that special friend we talked about earlier? This is where they’ll really be blown away.


Don’t just take my word for it.

Personally, I think this is a total game-changer in the whole industry to learn guitar chords. But don’t just take my word for it. Check out some of the success stories from people who have used Guitar Chord Kick-Start to accelerate their guitar journey.

Guitar Chord Kick-Start testimonials.


You see, this system just works.


Through all my years of teaching, I’ve tried many different methods. This is the one that got students playing the quickest and kept them wanting to play and learn more.

I’ve built this book using a formula that works to help with both muscle-memory and memory-memory to learn guitar chords. Once you learn the first one, it’s easy to play the next, because it’s the same shape in your left hand. From there, you only have to move one finger for the third chord. With tricks like these, I’ve found a way to show how almost every single chord relates to a chord you’ve already learned. That means it’s always super simple to learn the next chord.


I’m sure you’ve heard enough of me already and you’re sitting there wondering…


“Dude. How much does this cost?”

Alright. Really quick, let me tell you a few things first.

Now, I’m not taking on new students currently, but to take private lessons with me, you’d be paying $75 for a 50-minute lesson. If we stuck to this formula of 3 chords per lesson and learned the same amount of chords in this eBook, that would be a minimum of 8 lessons totaling $600! Plus, it would take us a whole 2 months, because we would only have one lesson a week.

Sure, you could do what I did when I was just starting out — look up your favorite songs in a magazine (nowadays you’d be looking online…) and laboriously learn each and every chord as you go. This takes so much time and energy that literally millions of would-be musicians have given up after a month, a week, or even an hour. If they had had a book like Guitar Chord Kick-Start, their lives would have been completely different. They’d be making music instead of just listening to other people do it. They’d be musicians – just like the one you’re going to be!

You could even go the route of buying another instructional book, which typically range from $10-15, sometimes even more. I’ve taught out of a lot of these books throughout my career, though, so I can say with certainty that NONE of them has nearly as many chords as Guitar Chord Kick-Start. In fact, you’d probably have to buy at least three levels (three books) just to get close to the number of chords I’m offering here.


But you won’t pay that much.


Here’s why:

See, I didn’t build this method for people who already know how to play guitar and want to learn more about music. You can always learn some theory later (and you should, although if I told you the names of some of the great guitar players who never even learned how to read music, you’d be amazed!).

I built this for the guitar player in all of us — the person who just wants to get up and jam! Whether it’s around a campfire, on a stage, or in your living room — you’ll know the chords to play your favorite songs at the end of this book. This book will get you started having fun and make you want to come back for more.

So, I’m offering INSTANT access to the ENTIRE Guitar Chord Kick-Start for a one-time, small investment of:


Buy Guitar Chord Kick-Start Now!


Here’s a recap of what you’ll discover:


Guitar Chord Kick-Start CheckBox

How to read a chord diagram


Guitar Chord Kick-Start CheckBoxWhere to place your fingers on the neck when fretting a note or chord


Guitar Chord Kick-Start CheckBoxThe basic open chords so you can start jamming right away


Guitar Chord Kick-Start CheckBoxHow to play Barre Chords so you can play in every key


Guitar Chord Kick-Start CheckBoxTricks for remembering chords


But wait! There’s more…


Just like any good TV infomercial, I’ve got some exclusive offers if you order right now, and they’re absolutely FREE:

A 3-page easy guide introducing right-hand technique. It’s easy enough to strum a guitar and play along simply to a tune. In this PDF, discover some of the intricacies to strumming (with a pick and without) and plucking.

Guitar Tuning Cheat Sheet. Learn the proper way to tune a guitar and the importance of tuning before every practice or jam session.

Restring Mastery. You’re bound to break a string early and, if you’re lucky and you don’t, it’s good to put fresh strings on your ax every once in a while anyway. Discover how the pros string their guitars to help keep them in tune and shorten the break-in period.


My promise to you


Ok, I get it — you might be a little skeptical and think that this is too good to be true. “7 bucks and I learn ALL the basic chords? Really?!?” I’d probably be thinking it myself…

That’s why I’m giving you my “why the heck not?” GUARANTEE. It’s pretty simple — check out Guitar Chord Kick-Start starting right now on any of your devices completely RISK-FREE for the next 30 days!

And if for any reason you’re not happy with it, all you have to do is let me know before the 30-day risk-free period is up, and I’ll give you a full refund. No hassles, no questions asked. All I ask is that you try. Do that for me, and I’ll offer you the 30 days.


So here’s what to do now


You have two choices, my friend:

1. You can leave this page, ignore this letter, and keep struggling to learn and remember chords, all the while becoming more frustrated that you can’t play along with your favorite songs or jam with your friends. Total bummer? To me it is.


2. Do the smart thing — grab this offer right now, risk-free, and receive:


Guitar Chord Kick-Start

Guitar Chord Kick-Start

Over 45 pages of simply designed, step-by-step training modules so you can know all the fundamental guitar chords and be able to play thousands of songs.

Right Hand Technique Easy Guide

3 pages dedicated to getting your right hand started on the guitar.

Guitar Tuning Cheat Sheet

Tuning is crucial! Learn why; then learn the right way to do it.

Restring Mastery

Find out how the pros string their guitars so they break in quickly and stay in tune the longest.


All for this special limited-time low price of $7.

Hit the buy button and within a couple minutes, you’ll be downloading the PDF, reading (and playing!) and discovering the secrets to all the chords you’ll need to play almost any song.

Click the “Buy Now” button below.


Buy Guitar Chord Kick-Start Now!


Thank you, sincerely, for reading this letter and, whatever path you choose, remember to do it musically.

All the very best,
Guitar Chord Kick-Start by PJ Bovee



P.S.: There’s no time like the present! I can’t keep it this price forever, so make sure to buy Guitar Chord Kick-Start now — the price will be going up soon and the bonuses will be going away.


P.P.S.: Remember how I asked you to just try? Well, I can make you one other guarantee besides the 30-day risk-free one — if you don’t try, nothing will change.

A month from today, you can either be 30 days older, or you can know ALL of these fundamental guitar chords and be on your way to more musical fulfillment!


P.P.P.S.: You may have read all this way thinking that while learning guitar isn’t for you, Guitar Chord Kick-Start might just be the perfect gift for a child, spouse, or someone else in your life. Maybe they have a guitar in the corner or under the bed that they’ve never played. Maybe they tried a few lessons, bought another book, or tried to teach themselves. If so, give them Guitar Chord Kick-Start today. Issue someone you love a personal invitation to discover or rediscover the gift of making music and making people smile. I guarantee you’ll make their day – maybe even change their life!


Buy Guitar Chord Kick-Start Now!

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